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Lashs & Brows

We take the art of eyelash extension to the highest level. We use luxurious Silk and Mink eyelash extensions designed specifically for your eyes only. All our lash technicians are trained at Ms. Diva, Master Lash Stylist and well… You will absolutely stand out… sexy and glamourous!

Natural set (Approx 45-60 mins)€45
Full Volume Set (Approx 60-75 mins)€55
2-Week Refill (Approx 40 mins)€40

(Free if extensions are from Celines Beauty  Rooms)

*To keep your lash extensions lush and full, we recommend getting a refill every 2 to 3 weeks.

Eyebrow Wax/Tweeze€8.oo
Eyebrow Tint€7.00
Both (15 min)€14
Eyelash Tint€13
Eye Special (all of the above)€24